My name is Katlynn (KAYT-lin) Whitaker, I am a 2017 graphic design graduate of Marywood University in Scranton, PA. I am originally from the Binghamton, NY area, so I consider both Upstate New York and Northeast Pennsylvania my home sweet homes.

When I was younger, I was constantly drawing and working on crafts. The logical path for me would have been to become an illustrator or a fine artist. However, I also enjoyed math, writing, and other “left-brained” subjects. I discovered graphic design in high school and found that it was a passion where I could utilize these interests, and it was what I was meant to do.
I love art and design used as a catalyst for social change. Whether it is a new typeface for people with dyslexia, a website made for a non-profit, or a social justice poster, this area of design has a special place in my heart. I am inspired by the story “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” and the paper crane as a symbol of hope and healing. I also enjoy folding paper cranes and using them in crafts, so that is where my branding and logo came from.
I describe myself as an “introverted extrovert.” I am independent and enjoy my private thinking time, but I also love sharing what I know with others and learning from them as well. I believe a designer should not only be good at design, but be good at communicating with others. Ultimately, that is what our field is all about.
On a non-design related note…I enjoy coffee, photography, origami, and yoga. I enjoy “oldies” music/movies and can practically recite the Back to the Future script. Other interests include cats, Mad Men, and the Chicago Cubs.
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